Elegant sidewalk treatment

The sidewalk treatment shown above is in front of the two Hudson condo towers by Charlesfort. In the foreground the smooth concrete band marks the public sidewalk. The brick paver area may be private property, or may be public (note the lamppost) but in any case it provides a pleasant widening on the corner.

The pattern is simple yet dynamic and intriguing. The eye follows the curving lines to the edge of the installation and tries to extend it beyond. The pattern must also work when seen from above, as the condo towers are about 18 stories high. This bit of patterned sidewalk gives me pleasure every time I pass it. It also gives me pause.

I think that benches are noticeable by their absence. But, this is a builder than puts the apartment intercom units on the OUTSIDE of the exterior lobby door with minimal weather protection. Definitely a “gated” feel when even the airlock lobby is made unwelcome. My earlier post on this is at http://westsideaction.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/no-lobby-for-the-homeless/

Still, this area is well aware from the building doors and the builder should have felt confident enough to install at least single-seat benches or street furniture.