One path opens, another closes

The new OTrain multi-user path runs from the Ottawa River thru Bayview Station to Young Street at the Queensway, in the heart of Little Italy.

South of Young it resumes as the circa 1964 path constructed by the NCC, which is now pretty much a cow path (pictures were in post a few days ago). As we get nearer to the Carling OTrain Station, we pass Pamilla Street which is opposite to Hickory Street, site of the new Hickory Street pedestrian overpass, which is supposed to be constructed while the OTrain is down for the summer.

hickory bridge rendering

Perhaps it is in this regard that this spray-painted giant frame was painted on the slope at Pamilla:

april 2013 031


The spray painted text says: OK to Drill…

april 2013 029


…inside the box…

april 2013 028


I am hoping this designation shows the immanent start of construction of the new ped-cyclist link over the OTrain.

Or it could be some other utility installing something that will bugger everything else right up.


2 thoughts on “One path opens, another closes

  1. Walked down to Little Italy for ice cream and then took the path from Young up to Somerset. Nice. My partner was impressed – didn’t know it existed and was even more impressed that I did. I informed him, you have to read West Side Action to stay informed. He was most impressed that I could explain why Public Works leaves those heaps of rocks and stones lying about. Again, thanks to West Side Action.

    Do you think they’ll remove the couch (close to Young) before the official opening? Had to laugh. Yet again, discarded garbage cast adrift…and I am sure they’ll have street cleaners thru there pronto to hose the path down….

  2. Like yourself, I am watching the couch that first appeared behind St Anthony Soccer Club Hall’s paid commuter parking lot, then migrated to its current resting position under the Qway. I suspect it will vanish shortly, but then I have been wrong many times before.

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