Spring in sprung, the grass is … painted on

Construction crews are busy greening the new OTrain multi-user pathway. Today, they have started spraying on the grass seed. An accompanying mulch shades the seeds a bit, and its bright green colour shows where the seed has been spread.

may 2013


the turquoise-green isn’t totally convincing, not nearly as much as the green dye sprayed on lawns to make them green in warm dry climates like Florida and Arizona. may 2013 005

3 thoughts on “Spring in sprung, the grass is … painted on

  1. the automatic counters can be installed to measure pressure (used for cars) or metal proximity (used in this case for bikes). Pedestrians will be counted the old fashioned way, by a summer student sitting on a lawn chair under an umbrella with a clip-board style counter.

  2. As I was biking by yesterday, I thought it looked like they had sprayed concrete over the dirt. Mulch is much better! Neat stuff.

    I think it could also help fight erosion while the grass grows. There is a lot of dirt on the pathway from erosion of the new dirt during the spring melt.

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