Grant me an infill …

I guess I haven’t walked down Grant Street all winter, because this house seems to have popped up ready-made:

april 2013 036


I love the bright red colour bands, the texture differences of horizontal and vertical corrugated siding. It reads as three houses, without being a big beige block.

It was built on a very shallow lot, which proves something nice can be built on miniature leftover spaces between the apartment parking lot and the street. The outdoor space is the roof deck. Here is the back of the house:

may 2013 001

The ends of the building also have textures highlighted by horizontal and vertical siding:

may 2013 002

Corrugated siding is about the cheapest stuff on the market for exterior siding, but it is tough and when handled well, as it was here, it delivers excellent value for the cost.  We have certainly all seen infills finished with more expensive materials that still manage to look awkward or ugly.

I am a bit perturbed by the capri-pants-styling on the driveway pillars. Hopefully, the pillars will be finished right to the ground. And that there will be some imaginative paving and plant materials. A columnar tree would just fit between each post and the sidewalk.


6 thoughts on “Grant me an infill …

  1. This one is done a lot better than the one at the end of the street. Fits in way better – maybe it is just the colours I dunno.

  2. I’m sorry, I agree with over 90% of your blog posts, but if this building doesn’t look “awkward or ugly” then I don’t know what does. I drove past here a few days ago and remember thinking how pissed I would be if I owned or lived in one of the very nice looking brick houses on this street. IMHO, I find the corrugated siding to be a bit of an eyesore.

    1. The infill is far from perfect. Capri pants have their place. And corrugated siding isn’t the nicest material, it is the aluminium siding of our (urban) day. Maybe I am just a sucker for red. I know I have featured other houses … which just happen to have red panels. And the new Domicile tower for Rochester Street will have a LOT of red panels on the exterior. And I am glad you don’t agree with me 100%, the city would be in a terrible state if we all thought like me.

      thanks for reading,

    2. There are very nice looking brick buildings on my street? Wow, I’ve been living there 12 years and I cannot for the life of me think of what you might be talking about. I look right out my front window at this place and while it would not have been my first choice of things to put there, it sure is a lot nicer to look at than that big ugly apartment building behind it.

  3. I love the design. Having your ‘lawn’ on the roof is the best way to increase density. I found the web site for the houses. Sadly there are no internal pictures. I think thy are selling for $499k.

    1. Original asking price was $400K but they sold for around $450 and now the one on the left is up for sale before the owner even moves in – asking price of $592K is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

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