Not corrugated metal siding

Corrugated metal siding is popular for renovating existing houses and constructing new ones. Its low cost is definitely a factor.

Sometimes when metal siding is installed it looks decidedly boring. Maybe that is intentional, for example smooth siding on a side wall that isn’t supposed to attract attention.

My liking for corrugated siding comes in part from its texture. Running the pattern in two directions or two colours can be fun, as evidenced by this picture of the Capri Pants Housing from  the previous post:

may 2013 002


or from the checker board texture on the exterior of MEC in Westboro. Occasionally, there is the mix with smooth exterior panels, or wood grain panels:


Over on Flora Street there is an example of someone staying away from metal siding, and favouring the softer texture of plywood exterior panels:

may 3, 2013 046


The front porch is modernized, lightened, and softened with natural-tone wood trellis:

may 3, 2013 047


Variety is of course what makes a neighbourhood a neighbourhood and not just a buncha tract housing. Throw in a hundred years of ageing, renovations, conversions, abuse and salvaging, and the wide choice of materials available to property owners further accentuates the harmonious whole that constitutes west side living.