Noddy builds a condo

As a kid, I had a few of the original “Noddy” books. I dug them out again when my kiddies were young, and was … surprised … by certain things in them that do not meet parental approval today.

The tackiest was the portrayal of “Golliwogs” (black people, black dolls) who were usually the bad guys of the piece. If I recall correctly, my bro got a Golliwog doll action figure for Christmas one year, I got the bendable Popeye figure.

In the first book, Noddy Goes to Toyland (or some such similar title) he attempts to build a house out of wooden blocks. He wants to build the roof first, incase it rains (the stories take place in sunny Britain).

All this came flooding back to mind when I saw how Starwood Mastercraft is building their Parkdale condo. They laid the brick exterior wall top first:

Golly, the brick is  black. The blurred bit in the picture is a bit of construction plastic blowing away from the site to descend closer to Scott.

Nothing in our world is the same as it was in the ’40s and 50’s, even the rules of physics — as applied to construction — seem to have reversed.