Cyclist doored by a toilet

She-who-must-be-obeyed once won the ‘door prize’ whilst cycling on Bank Street some years ago. (She is fully recovered now, and back in control, thank you for your condolences.)

Macabre* humour is one of the ways we deal with difficult situations. Our teen son and his school chums referred to her as being “hit by a parked car”, along the lines of those “your mom is so dumb…” jokes.

The memories of those times, or at least memories of the joke, came to us while cycling through Moonies Bay yesterday. We discovered all the port-a-potties lined up along the bike path.

I had visions of being doored by a go-hut. What a crappy way to go. You can imagine the trail of puns that you won’t have to read about here.

The Citizen is a sponsor of the event, so there would be prompt MSM coverage of the event. My accountants, Collins Barrow would be there to advise me of the tax consequences. Jubilee Fine Jewellers would know what time something hit the fan. Etc Etc.

I wonder if they would ever erect the johns that close to a main car road?


*as originally penned, err keyboarded, this was “black humour” but surely that dates me and someone would object. See, this blogger is PC.

4 thoughts on “Cyclist doored by a toilet

  1. They would not put them on the edge of a car path. However the bicycle and car paths seem to be open season for any other purpose 🙁 . Perhaps they think that the lineups for these facilities will be so big that bicyclists will be discouraged from using them? Or perhaps they will block the path completely. After all, we must protect the grass!

  2. This is… amazing. Obviously, the genius who decided to locate them there thought how nice it would be to stand on the paved path and step into and out of the potty from the paved path. No thought for other users of the path, just that it was there and so nicely paved. Also, it made a nice straight line. Talk about thinking inside the box.

  3. Hmmm….they want people to stop using cars, to become paedestrians and use bikes. Then they make it more dangerous to be either by placing the portapotties right along the bike/paedestrian pathway. An interesting concept, in which both could be ‘doored’ by the portapotty doors. That’s thinking waaay outside the box. Could someone explain the logic??

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