More Postcards from Preston


The two tallest Postcards from the Piazza columns are at Preston and Primrose. They are 11′ tall. Both have poetry on them related to the sun. You’ll have to see them to figure it out.

The fish column near Pouffe Park has marvellously detailed fish scales in bronze.

Outside the ice cream and cake store, there is a column in honour of arts and crafts. The column is draped in traditional lace; capped with a bronze cake and chocolate swirl. This column can be rubbed, like bronze rubbing in European cathedrals.

In honour of labour, there is a column with tools of the trade, and testimony to the frequent splitting up of families. In this case, Berardino came to Canada first, got a job, and will send for his wife and children when he saves some money.

The granite on this column is so highly polished it made itself into a second sidewalk light to illuminate a dark and rainy night:

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