Preston Street sculptures installed

There will be 15 sculptures along Preston Street; six were installed on Sunday. Here are pictures of the newly installed sculptures.

The Marco Polo column is on the city sidewalk near the east entrance to the Plant Recreation Complex. The photo above is of the bronze map showing his route from Venice through Asia to China.

Inscribed on the base are his dying words: I only told of half of what I saw. The arches inscribed at the base of the column are of St Mark’s Square in Venice. The column itself consists of an intricate carved dragon.

The sculptures are intriguing and within minutes of their installation were attracting the attention of passers-by.

The pope’s column, just north of the Queensway. It is topped with a bronze papal mitre as St Anthony of Padua church (whose columns are represented near the top of this monument) is not a parish church, but a papal church. The devil’s column has yet to be installed, but it is certainly coming to a location near a popular watering hole!

The column at Spruce St and Preston. Each of these columns is made of granite and bronze. Most are five to six feet high. The pair at Preston (one is installed) are 11 feet high, and the one to go near Black Cat Cafe is the only one made of stainless steel and will appeal to cyclists.

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  1. Wow, those look good. I will be out with my son after work checking them out!
    Also did anyone see the write up about our little corner of Little Italy in the Citizen today?

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