LRT – the 1950’s version

This video of the former streetcar service in Ottawa is certainly interesting. At minute 4.19 there are shots of streetcars on Elm St running up to Preston (Elm street was the exit from the Champagne Streetcar Barn. The entrances were from Champagne [now City Centre Ave] In the background is a large structure the predates the City Centre complex, which is now nearing the end of its lifespan). Most of the houses filmed on Elm are 100% recognizable today.

My house abuts the Champagne Barn, I enjoy a great westward view over its rooftop. The roof used to be mostly glass, but was recently “improved” and is now a rather plain ashpalt roof.

At minute 6.10 there are more shots of the streetcar barn. And then at 7.39 are shots of a streetcar turning from Somerset to head north on Preston. Pubwells is perfectly visible, and other the east side of the street the housing is recognizable today, except there is a building at the corner of Somerset that burned down many years ago (it ended its life as a topless shoeshine parlor) and is now a vacant lot and will soon be the Vietnamese cultural centre.