Landscaping resumes at Claridge’s Condo

I figured that Claridge might never landscape its project on LeBreton Flats. But in the last few weeks, a lot has happened. Sod appeared on the west side of Lett Street (right side of picture 2) in front of the Beirut-style bomb crater. And on Friday, some rather large trees appeared in the front lawn of the building, along the sidewalk. Compare the size of the new trees to the ones planted a few months ago along the north side of the building, shown on the left in picture 2.


Picture 1 is of the rear yard, or courtyard between the current building and next phase just starting. Landscapers have been installing decorative paving designed to turn a plain lawn into a sort of sculpture. Three large trees have been planted too. All the area in picture 1 is on the roof of the parking structure. I have not been able to see if they have started the green roof on the seventh floor planters.


The building has no name, but this week it sprouted a number: 200 Lett Street. Lett is still a private street, as is Fleet, both of which will be assumed by the City as public streets when the development conditions are fully met.


Behind the building, red-tiped stakes mark out the continuation of the short NCC bike path that will someday run along the tailrace / aquaduct.

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  1. I often walk around here at lunch. It’s a shame that they didn’t build this building to properly address the street, instead of setting it quite a distance back. Gives you an idea of the future flavour of the Flats.

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