Exterior Tour of the LRT Tunnel – exclusive photos

Alas, no one invited me on the Mayor’s and Premier’s tour of the incomplete LRT tunnel. But I was able to get this sidewalk tour of the west portal exterior showing a Mighty Machine.


3 thoughts on “Exterior Tour of the LRT Tunnel – exclusive photos

  1. I am constantly amazed at how much stuff is going on at the West Portal compound, from the giant pile o’ gravel, to the 15-20 odd trailers that are on the site, to that huge barn they purpose-built. All for only a few years. When they originally fenced the compound in, I was wondering how they would fill it. Now I wonder how they can fit any more in. It’s the 2.1 billion in action I guess.

  2. Twitter blew up with all those hard hats that day. In the morning, media was reporting 50% of LRT tunnel was complete. That’s VOLUME, not length.There is a total of 110,000 cubic meters + 55,000 that have been removed.
    Later in the day, the ‘volume’ detail was not being mentioned at all and it was all about how 50% of the LRT was complete.

    1. 50% of volume removed = 50% complete. By volume, not time. You get paid by volume, with a bonus at the end if you’re fast.

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