Example of a simple big-crosswalk


OK, I’ve wondered (and bitched) ┬ábit about the cacophony of crossing markings at Fifth and the QED.

So what are other options?

In the above pic, there is a bi-directional bike path leading to the intersection in the foreground. A lateral shift, what laypeople might call a severe jog, in the bike path encourages cyclists to slow down at the intersection. Built in traffic calming.

The cross street sidewalk is brick, so there is a colour and texture identification.

And for the cyclists and pedestrians on the street we are standing on, there is one giant zebra-striped crossing. Not a dozen symbols competing for your attention. Easily recognizable by motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Yes, the simplicity masks a few things that some will find desirable, for example, separate bike and pedestrian crossing zones. And opposing directions of cyclists –and pedestrians — haven’t been separated by a line or space to keep them from crashing into each other.

But sometimes KISS is better.