Community Gardens just keep on growing

The City kindly parked two round planters on Elm Street in front of the little park there, in advance of construction (someday) of a permanent bulb out — imagine, replacing parking with a park !

Councillor Holmes sponsored a buying-spree to get some plants for the planters. There isn’t much left in the big box stores, but we got the two planters filled. Next spring, some of the plants might get swapped out or traded with other community-maintained garden spots on the west side.

The planters arrived in all their naked glory, but actually filled with good dirt:


Some kids appeared the instant there was activity on the street, to see what was going on. They were THRILLED to help put the plants into the prepared holes. I learned all about their school garden veggie plot put in before summer break. They were keen to see how the plants were doing, but only in September, since going back to the school whilst on summer break just wasn’t in the cards.


They promised to supply the pot with worms. They gave huge EUWWW’s to the number of cigarette butts that had grown in the planters in just a few days. Guess maybe moms and dads pop out of the park for smoke while the tikes are drowning  playing in the pool.

If you get up really close to the planters, they look pretty lush:


But in fact, they are still a bit skimpy, but with some occasional rains, and maybe the odd watering by neighbours, the plants should grow.




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  1. if you are a total gutter bunny riding between the curb and parked cars, then yes, they will act like a parked car. If you ride in the door zone, then you go by the planters without getting doored.

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