Digging up the Laurier SBL

Cyclists on the Laurier separated bike lane (SBL) should have noticed some discrete trenching going on in the lane.

Apparently using a saw blade, a narrow trench is being cut along the curb that separates the lane from other traffic:

The work is being done at night, so trench itself constitutes the evidence. Every so often, there is another cut at right angles, going towards an adjacent building. To keep debris out of the trench until the cables can be installed, a plastic cap is put on:

The  fibre optics cable that is being installed by Globility (Primus) and they have pretty much  finished their work on Laurier Ave.     The project includes Laurier as well as Albert, Slater, Kent, Bank, O’Connor and Metcalfe.  The entire project should be completed by mid September.



One thought on “Digging up the Laurier SBL

  1. Woah! When I read the headline, I assumed that the Ottawa Sun, the Laurier business lobby, and that wacky “vehicular cyclist” cult had finally triumphed. Good to read that the SBL is still there.

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