Sundry Observations from The Centre of the Universe

A few observations from a recent visit to the Centre of the Universe ™, aka Toronto.


the lower rise portion of the building seems designed to mimic the converted-warehouses elsewhere along the waterfront


apartment with a great view of the Gardner. Maybe if the freeway is rebuilt at-grade the view might be better. But the location …


Maybe some landscaping will soften the view


Are all-glass exteriors passe? This building is adding purely-decorative brick pillars on the edge of the balconies to decorate the facade and filter the view


this stack o’boxes had nice green planter boxes along some planes


the lines of greenery are much more visible to the human eye than the camera pic might indicate. And if the plants grow…


a street-level podium townhouse-apartment entrance done well, but on a busy street lacks privacy indoors and out


balcony design of waves


the chicago-inspired balcony design proposed for Soho Italia that Ottawa turned down





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  1. Re the “stack-o-boxes” image. Nice picture of an LRT stop. Thought for a moment that was the center median of Carling with passengers debarking to mid-street island.

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