World heritage sunbrellas

I notice that at Harwell Lock, near Carleton U, the students working the canal now have sun umbrellas to shade them whilst cranking the sluices and the lock doors open.

I did notice that they are not properly branded with the Parks Canada official beaver ™ or the designation of World Heritage Site ™ or a Giant Blue C.  Assuming the sunbrellas pass muster with the United Bureaucrats of Turtle Bay, I hope to see proper logo’d sunbrellas next year.

Humour “off”.

2 thoughts on “World heritage sunbrellas

  1. Eric

    Will the stations be bike accessible? My experience from Copenhagen (as a frequent business visitor) tells me that lots of people use the trains with their bikes. Cycle to a station, take the train, get off and cycle to your destination. The stations/trains need accessbility for bike and buggies (or what ever strollers are now called)


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