When your local resto has tattoos — on the outside

The former home of the Lindenhoff restaurant on Preston is a typical c 1902 brick house that has seen many conversions into businesses and restaurants. The Lederhosen is now gone for a hike, along with the Linden tree silhouette, the rabbit and boar on the menu, and taking Scamp from the signboard.

While walking by the building at 268 Preston I noticed that the brickwork had been “patched” or “repaired” by the addition of a stucco coat of cement down the north side. The new stuff is just above the pink band of cement that coats the foundation, perhaps to “modernize” it from limestone blocks to a concrete look.

From the street, it looks like a bad patch job.

Up closer, the patch reveals some additional artifice:

There’s a hunter, a star, dots, and other patterns.

The patterns in the cement include the name of the new restaurant tenant (two*six*ate Preston, Krate restaurant). They also applied some old boards to the front façade of the building, which then makes me wonder if this is really a repair that was salvaged a bit by some applique artwork, or maybe this was deliberately applied to the brick just for the purpose of making modern petroglyphs. A building with tattoos.

From the street, though, it still looks like a sh*tty patch job.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “When your local resto has tattoos — on the outside

  1. I agree! It looks like it is trying to be a nearly destroyed place–waste of a decent space. It does not inspire confidence in the kitchen if this is what they do to the building’s outside!

  2. I didn’t know that the Lindenhof was closed – used to get some decent European food there, and got to practice my German a bit. I guess we didn’t go often enough – I know it was a family restaurant – very nice folks.

  3. Does not look good at all. I walked in front that restaurant more than a few times since I moved in the hood last year. It always seemed empty. I don’t think it was doing much business.

  4. I sorta like it. Of course most of it won’t last through the winter so what the hey?

  5. Agreed, Martin,..any graffiti kid would have created something better with his spray can blocked !!

  6. Just a little something for you fact checkers.
    two six {ate} is the restaurants name , and can be found at twosixate.com .
    Krate did the design work, like it or not, and can be found at Krate.ca or at other local establishments that we’ve done this past year such as The Hintonburh Public House, Fratellis in Westboro, The Standard and Hooley’s located on Elgin and the Green Room downtown.

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