What streetscaping? I didn’t see no plants!

You gotta just love people who wanna park wherever they want. I actually have some tolerance for individual motorists, since even the dumbest person gets a driver’s licence, regardless of their (lack of) ability.

But in this case it’s the business person himself who arranges these cars on his garage lot. Did the city landscape the boulevard in front of his business? Oh, he didn’t notice no landscaping. He doesn’t show much pride in picking up litter in front of his place of business, either. Or maybe it just makes it feel like┬áhome.

If he could find a car with a longer front overhang, he could hitch it to the tree:

3 thoughts on “What streetscaping? I didn’t see no plants!

  1. In the last photo, the car is clearly partly on the sidewalk. That’s a no-no that should get a visit from a by-law officer.

    If the landscaping is on the City’s right-of-way, parking on (i.e. having part of the car over) the landscaped portion is also a no-no.

    This is public space; let the car lot owner pay for his own space.

  2. Still not as bad as the truck half-parked on the sidewalk in front of cousing eddy’s yesterday morning…. it crossed my mind to 311 him.

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