Walking and talking sculptures

On the weekend just past the City sponsored walking tours of the new sculptures placed along West Wellington and Preston Streets. The tours were conducted by the sculptors themselves. People who took the walk were treated to some insights on the artistic process and the meanings in the finished pieces.

Above, c j fleury takes a group along Preston Street examining the peoples’ histories captured in 15 granite sculptures.

Below, Marcus Kucey Jones shows off some of the details of his cob or corn on a fire hydrant, in marble, at the corner of West Wellie and Parkdale Avenue.

Marcus explains the finer details of this 600lb piece of gray Italian marble. The sculpture honours music and theatre arts in the neighborhood, and is appropriately located near the Orpheus Building, home of the oldest continuous musical theatre group in North America.

3 thoughts on “Walking and talking sculptures

  1. I found out about this too late to take the walking tour. Is there contact info (email?) for the artist(s)? Any more info about all the various statues and their inspiration?

  2. The BIA has produced a brochure on the Preston sculptures. It’s a neat 10 panel brochure that explains the artist’s intentions, tells little stories, links the works to their source piazza in Italy, etc.

    You can pick one up at most businesses along Preston at their cash register. It’s free.
    Thanks for reading.

    – eric darwin

  3. I was away when the sculptures were installed and missed the tour as well. Does anyone know why the West Wellie installations are all based on fire hydrants? No complaint just interested.

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