Walking with Crackers

Walking along Primrose, then along its extension east of Bronson (which is called Lisgar) I was following an uninteresting trail of debris. This debris is left by Crackers. Crackers is not a dog; Crackers is the dog’s human companion.

Crackers is a half-good dog caretaker. Half good, because s/he picks up after the dog. Poop, then scoop. Into nice little tidy bags. These bags are then discarded  in their gift-wrapped state, along Primrose and Lisgar. For example:



So, you get the pattern. But here is what makes the case, well, crackers. Right along this stretch of curb is … a garbage can:

So why does Crackers gift wrap then dispose of his (or her) shit on the walk?

Continuing on a bit further, there are more presents to be found:

Which brings us to the, ahem, mother lode. Crackers has decided that gardeners must love this shit, because there is an enormous stack of these bags stacked on the compost bins at the corner of Lisgar and Lyon.

Does Crackers think gardeners are going to carefully unwrap each bag, pop the enclosed mushy turd into the compost bin, then revel in veggie gardening next spring?

Does Crackers think this is a form of social or political protest? Or is s/he just, well, crackers.

I avow to get to the … bottom … of this.

Now excuse me, I must go get my mind out of the gutter and into the LRT tunnel.



4 thoughts on “Walking with Crackers

  1. This is how the Poo People mark their territory. Once there is one, more and more start showing up. Because it must be ok. Though they know it’s not, because it’s usually a secluded area.

    1. So how do you solve this problem? They won’t do it if anyone is watching so you can’t easily catch them in the act. Perhaps put a sign up by the compost bin saying: ” This is not a waste bin. Please take care of your own shit”

  2. People take the phrase “Stoop n’ Scoop” too literally. They figure at that point, there’s nothing else to do, they’ve done there social part. It’s clearly OUR fault that the cute billboards and signs don’t say “Stoop n’ Scoop n’ Properly dispose of in a trash receptacle.”

  3. Animal by laws in ottawa say that dog waste should be taken home and disposed of there. This is a reasonable requirement, but not generally obeyed.

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