Under the LRT Tracks



So I was busy minding my own business sidewalk supervising the construction of the Confederation Line near Tunney’s Pasture. The old transitway roadbed in portions of the “cut” east of Tunney’s is actually a deck over the top of a very large boxy storm sewer.

The RTG has cut open a bunch of the old joints to repair them in preparation for a new lifetime under the train tracks. What looks like a simple trench cut in the road surface ….


… upon closer inspection turns out to be a very deep trench indeed …


Here’s a zoom in :


I did think that someone walking the length of the line might find walking through the downtown tunnel to be of interest, and maybe even under the line to be also interesting.

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  1. Hi Eric- I was walking Pete and Betty last week and noticed the paving of the Booth Street flyover. How much long is that project supposed to take? I’m hoping they close the Preston St. extension once it’s open. What news good or bad do you have about it?

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