Treed vs less-treed street

From time to time, social scientists flip pictures at subjects to find out what makes a “good street” or good neighborhood. Time and time again, tree-lined streets hit the emotive jackpot.

Why then are so few streets well treed? And if hotter summers are to be the new normal, it’s not to late to plant trees now.

Certainly, the residents of Daniel Avenue in Champlain Park can appreciate the complete canopy of dappled shade. What heat wave?


Meanwhile, on the adjacent streets, trees are smaller, irregularly planted, and the pavement radiates oppressive heat at mid-day:

2 thoughts on “Treed vs less-treed street

  1. I grew up on a tree lined street, in a house that was incredibly well insulated (thanks Chip grants!) . I could never figure out why all my friends needed A/C.
    I was sad when I saw the other side of Preston got trees in the recent reno, and we got shrubs. Ah well. Should have paid more attention at the planning phase.

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