Feelin’ drained on a hot summer day

The aqueduct through LeBreton Flats is a sadly neglected city feature. The last time a maintenance crew did anything around there was just before all the politicians showed up to unveil the plaques declaring this an ever-so-valuable heritage site to be proud of. Then they all skedaddled, never to to be seen again.

Alas, the plantings along the aqueduct are totally neglected, the trees mostly dead (even right beside a water supply !) and a few years ago the city decided to run a giant water pipe through the aqueduct water because it was cheap. Heritage smeritage.

On Monday, the aqueduct was drained, leaving this view:

The city plans for the aqueduct to be its showcase heart of public parkland running through the vibrant, multi-ethnic, varied income, etc etc neighborhood of the future. One would think, therefore, that they might plant trees today so that when the adjacent houses are built (in maybe 2050) the canal and bike paths would be lined with mature trees. Imagine, an inviting space !

But no, in Ottawa planning doesn’t mean doing something now so its ready for the future. It means identifying the future need and ensuring no money is spent until the year after the people actually move in. I’ve mentioned before its a funny way to build a bike path and pedestrian circulation network, one short segment at a time, rather useless until the very last parcel is developed and the last bits are put in.

Planning has been corrupted to justify doing nothing until the last minute.