Toronto Now — Ottawa Later

Toronto has new subway trains, now. Ottawa will have its new LRT trains sometime in the future.

What Toronto has now has certain similarities with what Ottawa will have in 2017 or 2018.

Unlike earlier subway cars that were individual cars hooked together into trains, without any means for passengers to switch cars, the new train cars have open gangways. This is similar to how the articulated OC Transpo buses work.

It means passengers can get on any car but then as passengers shift around, the load evens out throughout the train. Passengers feel safer, less “trapped” in one car. It also increases load capacity by 10%.

The LRT train sets for Ottawa are very likely to be of this design. The Toronto “rocket” train sets consist of six cars fixed in each set; there are 70 new train sets, totalling 420 cars. They have sixty eights seats, and room for 200 standees. Some seats fold up. Here are some pictures of the new TTC train sets that have been gradually being introduced to service since last year.

interior view down the series of TTC cars

The interiors feature  classy wine-red accent colours and doors. The panels that shield seats from doorways and function as “dividers” between seating groups are now all transparent with no solid panels. Some of the older TTC train sets have been updated with a very similar colour scheme.

close up view of the floor joint and gangway wall between Bombardier TTC cars
red lines guide people to the exits

I also shot a very short hi-def video of the the view along the train as it turns. Go to

And, for the really brave readers, here’s a final shot of yours truly on the new TTC Rocket train:

the TTC allows all manner of scary citizens on their trains, OC Transpo may exercise greater care



4 thoughts on “Toronto Now — Ottawa Later

  1. Nice video work! I had the opportunity to use these trains twice and I loved it. As someone who used TTC trains regularly for almost 30 years, at first it was hard to wrap my head around the fact I could see all the way down to the end of the train. LRT can’t come to Ottawa soon enough. Very exciting!

  2. Actually, Ottawa’s LRT Cars will be a set design depending on which company wins the bidding process. If it is Bombardier it will be a “Flexity” dessign, if the winning bid is from Siemens it will be the S 70 design. If Alstrom was to win it will be the Citadis design. The days are gone when vehicle companies built seperate designs for each contract. Most North American LRT vehicles built in the last 10 years are 4 or 5 basic designs.

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