The finest and the bravest

I was down at Metcalfe and Isabella this morning just before nine. I noticed this convention of fire trucks outside the police station. Must be big, I thought.

The Citizen tells me there was an envelope in the mail room, with “white powder”.

Yup, gotta be careful. But not frugal. Seven emerg vehicles for one envelope? And people mock our illustrious mayor for attending any opening, even that of an envelope. His employees make him look like a total amateur.

Here’s a view of the finest and bravest from the upper floor of a near by building. One engine has given up and wandered off looking for something better to do.

3 thoughts on “The finest and the bravest

  1. I was wondering when I passed that place this morning!
    and your rss post on the blogawa solved my curiosity, thanks.

  2. When we got a “white powder threat” at City Centre a few years ago, I think we had a similar number of vehicles, plus an emergency hose down station.

  3. I think when they heard reports of ‘white powder’ at the police station they called their friends over to get the weekend started early 😉

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