The Bicycle

While walking over to Art Is In bakery, I saw this bike. The lock has been cut off in a most bizarre way. Here I am fretting over my wobbly bike, and someone has done this to a road-worthly looking bike!  But why cut the bike off the lock and not remove the bike?

Is a bike like this even repairable? I find myself thinking of Charles who has a bike wherein the rides separately from the back, joined by some hinged mechanism. Maybe this is the latest trend, the frameless bike?

2 thoughts on “The Bicycle

  1. I was intrigued by your questions so I asked someone-who-knows.

    Here’s his answer:

    “It’s easy to hacksaw a frame, probably takes a minute per cut on a 1 inch top tube; the section cut out is overkill as there’s plenty of spring in the frame and after one cut the lock could be popped off the frame. Young fellas trying to steal the bike for parts when they got startled and aborted the mission is my guess. U-locks are hardened requiring an electric angle grinder to cut off. The frame is repairable with a short section of tube slide over and brazed, but not by the average little wank.”


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