145 Elm updated

At 145 Elm is a 56×100 lot that used to contain just one very small house. Now Sage Developments is constructing 4 very large “shoebox” style houses  on it.There are two at the front, two at the back, and parking for four vehicles in the centre. A number of previous posts showed earlier steps in the construction.

Here is the artist’s impression of two finished units:

They are very far advanced now. Two have been drywalled; two are still being wired and plumbed. Here are some shots of the framed-in units:

Above: A view from the front windows back into the unit, on the main floor. The plumbing comes up through the floor to service a very large island. The rest of the kitchen will be on the back wall. The workers are actually in the other unit, behind this one, but are visible until the drywall goes up. The stairs on the left will have some sort of fancy railing – right now the builder is toying with polished metal sheets installed vertically.

Above: Framed-in gas fireplace is a focal point of the living area, in addition to the wall to wall, floor to ceiling window units. The developer is reluctantly wiring the fireplace wall  for a flatscreen TV.

Above: the main living area facing the back of the lot. I was astounded at how large the units were inside. Every house is slightly different. There is one two bedroom unit; and 3 three-bedroom units. All units have a ground floor family room/den/office/flexspace, some also have an additional ground floor bedroom. Under the ground floor flex room(s) is a fully finished basement with high ceilings, two walk-in closets, and plenty of room for your dungeon.

Above: a drywalled street facing unit. There are pot lights throughout the house, in keeping with the modern vibe and to reduce visual clutter. The front deck will have glass railings and a gas outlet for the BBQ.

Above: the third-floor bedroom in the 2-bedroom unit is huge. There is also a walk-in closet with skylight, laundry room, and bath with a take-a-companion-with-you-sized shower plus a freestanding tub. There is only 1 one-bedroom suite on the third floor in this unit; the rest of the space is an outdoor deck sandwiched between the units, with amazing privacy yet a sense of openness.

Above: look closely at the far window. From the exterior, there is a continuous run of glass spanning two floors (remember the artist’s impression at the top?) , but on the inside the wall is built out conventionally.

Above: main floor ceilings are 11′, increasing the sense of space. High windows flood the space with light. There are also light-wells along the stairs to let light flow from floor to floor, and the finished stairs (temporary construction stairs shown here) will have open backs to let the light flow through. All told, there is about 1900 sq ft of space; a better measure might be volume of space.

The two back units face the rear yards of other houses. The house on the next block,  shown above, has a fence made of wood slats on an angle, like a venetian blind, so the fence doesn’t cast any shadow (must be fanatic gardeners).  While the new houses are just 25′ from the rear lot line, their back yard space seemed very nice and useable if finished at a high end (which the developer promises…).

Ab0ve: The other backyards within view.

The developer will have the units ready for showing in a few weeks. If you have to ask, you can’t afford one. 

Hint: think in the low 700,000’s.