Taking pride in your work

The city likes signs. Sometimes we run out of sidewalk or curbside space to put signs on posts and so we paint them onto the roads. Or, in the case of sharrows, they are a sort of lane marking. But winter, plowing, and general wear and tear means we have to repaint most pavements annually.

Why can’t the city use the same size stencil from year to year? And why can’t work crews align this year’s stencil directly over last year’s?


4 thoughts on “Taking pride in your work

  1. Maybe they’re just trying to make it easier for the Images Of Centretown blogger to shoot in 3d.

  2. It is unfortunate that that particular paint job is not aligned but I do not think that it is a reflection that they do not take pride in their work. Perhaps the first sharrow was incorrectly placed – too close to the sidewalk – and the new symbol was trying to correct the mistake.

  3. Yes, the first one was placed too close to the sidewalk. Same story on Lyon and Arlington, though I don’t think Arlington’s been repainted yet (they’ve been faded terribly because of all the leaves and grit that falls that close to the sidewalk).

    Ou8 – lol! I only see one sharrow!

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