Priority parking

Taking transit for a trip isn’t usually the whole adventure. Somehow, one has to get to and from the transit stop.

Transit boffins know how far people are willing to walk to a bus stop. They are willing to walk further to a train — or LRT — stop or station than to a bus stop/station.

The catchment area of a BRT station or a LRT station is also extended if people find it convenient to ride their bikes to the station. That convenience requires some care and thoughtfulness in the provision of safe cycling routes. And at the station, the cyclist has to feel welcome, and not that (s)he is abandoning the bike to the elements and to thieves.

The  bike shelters at the transitway stations go some way to encouraging cyclists. But does anyone know the catchment zone for this:

2 thoughts on “Priority parking

  1. I see a guy catching the bus to north Kanata from Tunney’s every morning on one of these things. It’s surprisingly handy, as he just folds it up and carries it with him on the bus.

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