Stop the Busses rally

Forty two people, plus some media types and politicians, showed up for the  7.30am rally at the corner of Bayswater and Scott for a rally to raise awareness of the possible shifting of transitway buses onto Scott/Albert during LRT construction period.

Councillor Leadman was there, as was challenger Katherine Hobbs. Paul Dewar and Yasir Naqvi were also present, as was one city transit planning honcho, and there were a few residents also wearing suits. Dogs and children in strollers and one in a 19th century costume, completed the picture.

The streetside venue was somewhat noisy, so I didn’t hear any of the speaches. Several people present gave media interviews or soundbites; the few I overheard were careful to distinguish between the LRT project (good for the neighborhood) and the lack of plans as to where to put the buses now on the transitway during the construction period (bad).

                                  The back of Paul Dewar’s head and the front of Yasir Naqvi’s.

The biggest smile was on the bus driver who arrived (nice new bus, clean) at the stop and loaded on several passengers, whilst the media types on the sidewalk snapped pictures of him.

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