Squeeze play on the right


This green bicycle logo on the back of the truck caught my eye.

I had to cycle closer to actually read the sign. Maybe you can double click the pic to read the sign:


It says: ” Stay safe. Stay back. Past this point I can’t see you.”

It is surely a useful sign. Kudos to the company for putting it on their truck.

I did wonder a bit about the green square shape and design. I’ve seen signs on the back of long trucks warning not to pass on the right as the vehicle makes wide turns. That graphic is cautionary yellow, and illustrates the danger:

wide turns


The difference, of course, is that only a few motorists try to squeeze up the right side of a truck, because cars need a wide lane. The squeeze play will damage your car and cause heart palpitations, but isn’t necessarily fatal.

However, the slightest pulling left of a tractor trailer at an intersection creates a very inviting space for the unaware cyclist to slip up the right side of the vehicle line. The consequences are dreadful.

It’s illegal, but jumping the queue  is also one of the agility advantages of cycling. I once made the mistake of stopping my bike three cars back at the intersection of Kent and Laurier, and boy did commuter cyclists ever let me know that the whole idea is to pull up the right side and cut off those motorists with their right turn signals blinking. Lesson learned, I’m now paranoid at red light queues both when cycling or driving a motor vehicle.

5 thoughts on “Squeeze play on the right

  1. They should also put a sign right in their blind spot–if you can read this sign, I can’t see you

  2. Stopping at a red light last week, I rode up beside an OC bus. The driver was waving angrily at me and I made a “whazzat about” sign since I didn’t know what he meant. He opened his door and said “Don’t you know it’s illegal to be within three feet of a bus???”
    I did not know this.

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