Hickory – Adeline Bridge opens

The City’s newest pedestrian – cyclist bridge opened for public use today.

The bridge, just north of the OTrain Trillium line Carling Station, connects Hickory Street in the Civic Hospital neighbourhood with Adeline and then Preston Street on the Little Italy side.

It makes it much easier for residents to access the Preston traditional main street, and opens a new off-Carling route for east west movements. It provides better access to the Carling Otrain station for those days the OTrain is actually running, and provides every-day access from the new condos and student housing high rises on Champagne Avenue to Pub Italia and other popular rendez-vous. It makes the Trillium multi-use pathway part of a larger, more connected network of off-road paths.



Around 3.30 Wednesday the steel fences were taken down.



Above: view from the Trillium pathway looking west. The pathway on the foreground side isn’t paved as work may be starting this year on widening, improving the alignment, and ¬†paving the east side pathway. ¬†In the background is the work crew, congratulating themselves on a such a pretty bridge. They said I was the first cyclist, although a pedestrian had beat me to being the first person to cross just a few minutes before.

I went back and checked, and sure enough, there was only one set of muddy tire marks:


I’m told there will be an official opening on Monday at 3pm.

I, for one, am grateful that the City has built more infrastructure for people who cycle and walk, and is slowly building out a connected network.


8 thoughts on “Hickory – Adeline Bridge opens

  1. thanks for this informative post, Eric – I work on Booth and somehow had no idea this was being constructed! Great alternative to biking on Carling.

  2. Now we just need a proper curb on Beech St and Carling Ave for bicycles. The improvised one at Beech is a bit of a nailbiter if you’re pulling a bike trailer.

    1. Simon: that proper curb cut is supposed to come this fall when the path is rebuilt from Young to carling, including proper crossings of Beech and lights at carling. With hope, we will be able to use that new route next year. The current crossing at beech has homemade ramps by guerilla cyclists annoyed that the city wouldnt provide a cut. They’ve already replaced it once, and we owe them a big vote of thanks.

  3. Thank you guerilla cyclists!

    When they rebuild, please tell me then are going to pave the whole path.

    1. yes, the city abandoned, under pressure, the idea that they could skip repaving the path. Who ever heard of them not paving an urban road, just to save money?

  4. SpEaking of bridges, Donald to strathcona is getting very close. Can’t wait. This is biggest cycling news since Corktown bridge.

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