Slow Miracles worked here


I last posted about St Francoise d’Assise school in August, showing the new playstructures installed but lacking finishing details to permit the kids to play on them. I figured they would be open by time school opened … or shortly thereafter … but a recent cycling trip detour to see the finished structures revealed them in virtually the same condition as August. Are contractors waiting until Dec 31st?

In delightful contrast, two small enclosed playyards are open right beside the daycare LeCarrefour. They are surfaced in a soft material that cushions falls, drains well, and reduces the tonnage of sand dragged into the school in shoes, sox, and underwear. I recall the need for the smallest kids to be given an appropriately scaled space of their own, separate from the more rambunctious and faster moving kids.

I was not surprised to see the site of the former LeCarrefour building and the cafeteria, torn down during the summer, turned into a parking lot. After all, school boards have to get their priorities straight. I was pleased to see the trees and shrubs planted along the sidewalk, and that the drive in entrances were kept fairly tight and narrow, reducing the window of opportunity for population control.