Skunk at Bluesfest

I was cycling on Albert Street just west of Preston when I spied a young lady hunched over, bike laying on the grass. Accident? Mechanical trouble?

It turned out to be rather more interesting. There was very young baby skunk, a bit larger than a chipmunk, stuck on the edge of the road, unable to climb the curb. When approached, it raised its tail.

Hmm. It was squinting, so it didn’t like the daylight. Solution: a large-ish plastic bag in hand, I walked up to it and sort of rolled it into the bag. Female.

july 2013 016


Walked over the taller grass on the north side of the path, and rolled it out. It spotted the taller grass, and within seconds was winding its way into the cover.

july 2013 017

In the direction of Bluesfest.

I do hope they get along together.

One thought on “Skunk at Bluesfest

  1. Well done Eric! I mind the time walking my old dog one night at Mcleod/Percy a few years ago, making a very quick decision to turn left at the corner instead of right, so as to not frighten Momma and her two wee babes. My old girl didn’t see all that well at night and so didn’t spot the parade but there was a lingering pungency that got her nose working overtime for half a block.

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