A new “vancouver” skyline in Ottawa

july 2013 015


I do like the new mountain built over the National Gallery. It’s so very Disney: what you see is not what you get.

This view is from Bayview Station. Throughout the Public Advisory Committee consultations on the new LRT station to be built there, I encouraged the designers to use the building to “frame” a view of the downtown so that transit users could have a WOW moment every day. Such framing wouldn’t cost (much) extra, it’s just a matter of designing it in.

This didn’t generate much excitement during the PAC process, but at a recent meeting with the OLRT cheeses I mentioned it again, and it seemed to get a more receptive response.

Bayview Station might not have mountain views for ever, but the downtown glass towers of beavering civil servants makes a very Ottawa perspective.

2 thoughts on “A new “vancouver” skyline in Ottawa

  1. It took me a few days to figure out what that was. To me it looks like we at Bayview are not seeing the front of the installation. I wonder if it would look more like an iceberg from the North or South?

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