Sk8ers UnStoned on grass …

Plouffe Park can be found behind the Plant Recreation Complex. Part of it runs along Preston street. Part of it used to run along Somerset street too, but the City found it convenient to convert the kiddie playground into a parking lot so motorists don’t have far to walk so far to the Complex to get their exercise ….

Along the Preston side, pedestrians parambulating the Little Italy wide landscaped sidewalks are presented with numerous opportunities to rest their derrieres on benches. There are also several planter sections that double as benches along the sidewalk. Naturally, skateboarders will sometime discover these concrete edges and make entertaining use of them. To prevent this, the City and property owners add small metal clips to the leading edge, which discourages said playing activity.

The City installed these anti-sk8er devices on the park side of the planters, keeping sk8ers off the stones and on the grass. The sidewalk side of the planters, where sk8ers are more likely to avail themselves of the stonework, were left vulnerable. So the street side is stoned off grass, while the park side is unstoned on grass.