Safe, secure, protected … bike parking

Kirchzarten, Germany:  At the local banhof (train station) there is a very large bike parking area that is covered from rain or snow.

europe 2013 043


The rack design looked excellent to me, as it provided a strong steel bar beside the bike upon which to lock the frame.

The overflow parking area also had good quality racks:

europe 2013 041


I have no clue why the front tire is elevated in these racks:

europe 2013 042

Kinda made me wonder about the amount and quality of bike parking planned for the new LRT stations in Ottawa.

europe 2013 056

2 thoughts on “Safe, secure, protected … bike parking

  1. The elevated front may also be to accommodate bikes with front baskets. It’s a continual annoyance for me to have to hoist the front of my bike up every time I lock up. This design would be a godsend!

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