Blankies for the cafe crowd

Kirchzarten, Germany:  Jan Gehl recounts in his books about civilizing cities that just a few years ago no one thought streetside cafe culture could be imported from warmer climes to cooler northern cities. But it was a case of build them and they will come.

Heaters, glass windbreaks, very large overhead umbrellas … all work to make outdoor spaces more comfy. So do blankets. At 9.30pm his cafe in Kirchgarten has just brought out a pile of blankets for patrons.

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Has anyone experienced a free blankie at an Ottawa bar, patio or cafe?

2 thoughts on “Blankies for the cafe crowd

  1. The Germans do so many things right. Like “aha, this is a perfect simple solution!” Loved the blankets when I visited Bavaria a few years ago. Recently I got a blanket at a vegetarian prestaurant in Calgary, but never experienced it in Ottawa.

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