Rising Action

Steer your footsteps towards the City Centre complex on City Centre Avenue. At the southern end of the ground floor (near the Somerset end) there is a new bakery. A big one. Artisin Bakery has until recently been primarily a wholesale bakery, with about 70 high-end hotels and restaurants as clients. Now, from their new premises at City Centre, they have opened a new retail outlet for breads, cookies, pastries, tarts, cakes, and sandwiches.

Kevin Mathieson is the owner. A Winnipegger, he has had his hands in flour forever. He apprenticed with the best in New York, Paris, Monaco, and Zürich. He uses organic grains, and all goods are hand-made and slow-raised.

The retail part of the new bakery is just starting up. Underfurnished, it desperately needs a decorator  to transform it from  functional industrial to funky “industrial chic”. I sampled some pastries while at the bakery, and they are to die for. The bakery outlet is open to the public Tuesday to Sunday. If you aren’t on your way over there right now, you can mouth water over the web site www.artisinbakery.com.

Being cheap  interested in baking, I inquired about baking lessons. Kevin is considering a few Saturday baking lessons in the new year, but the idea is still fermenting and no dates have been set.

This pic of the interior sales counter was taken in low lighting conditions on Monday, when the retail portion was closed.

Thanks to Claudette on Spruce Street who alerted me to this wonderful addition to our west side neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Rising Action

  1. That is super news!
    I zoomed in on the price board in the picture, only to find coffee prices.
    As much as I live for and love Rideau bakery bread, paying close to $5 for a mass produced loaf, and being out of luck when I don’t stock up on bread before obscure Jewish holidays, is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.
    Hopefully the prices at this place are decent.

  2. Wonderful news! Reasonably close to my work at Adult High. I’ve had their bread and cookies and they are truly wonderful. I would consider a baking class as well hopefully to find out how they get that texture.

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