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Two items: the farmer’s market, and the snow stomp

And, if you are interested in something cheaper and involved free food and friendship, the Plant Pool Recreation Assoc (PPRA) is having a snow stomp on Saturday between one and three pm., in Plouffe Park (corner of Somerset and Preston,where Little Italy meets Chinatown.

It’s the  Annual Rink Stomping Kickoff Event.
The first stage in make ice for the hockey rink or free skating space,  is packing down a snow base.
Therefore, we need anyone interested in stretching their legs on their cross country skis or snowshoes to do a few laps of the rink;
or anyone interested in pulling their children on sleds, or making snow angels with them;
 or anyone interested in a friendly game of soccer in the snow.
There is room for everyone inside the boards and any activity which helps pack down the snow is welcome.
Drinks, snacks, and small prizes and fun for all.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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