Place de Dominos

Over the last while, workers have been busy on scaffolding painting the exterior of Place de Ville. The plain square glass box dates back to the late 1960’s. It lacks any sort of top or lid, and was bronze and black. Workers are painting various parts of it with primer, then the final coat of … bronze and black.

In its current condition, it reminds me of the new building complex in New York, called the Domino. The building exterior is a box that has been articulated with various coloured squares. The building lots like a colourful domino, and is to be built on the site of the former Domino sugar plant.

While this isn’t a former sugar plant, it is a cubicle farm, and I think it could be improved with a polychrome paint exterior. And I would make some of those paints the ones that change colour if hot, or wet. In this way,  the building would be a cheerful colour when wet, a cool colour in heat waves, a warm colour in winter … sort of like those colour-change hot wheel cars we had when we were kids.

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