Madame Chairman relocks the gate

On Sunday, the gate to the Preston “extension” was still locked (if you are unfamiliar with the issue, skip back a few posts …).

On the holiday Monday at 11.30 a reader alerted me to the gate being open. I nipped over and took these pic at 12.50:


But what is this? At 1.10, barely hours after the lock being cut off …


A couple of “conservation of locks” officers arrive at the scene. They knew the gate was open, as they hopped right to dragging out a new lock from the cargo bay and swinging the gates closed:


At least one of these officers is a chip off the ole’block, or something like that:

Alas, the brightest and best of our black and whites (that’s a pun on police cars, although these guys drove a white & green) fiddled with the lock, and got it in place, but the gate is not closed tightly, so one can sort of squeeze through it.

Come to think of it, that’s not a bad solution. The gate is locked, cars are kept out, but peds and cyclists can continue through.

Note too, that in all this concern for public safety by Madame Chairman, there is a crooked piece of rebar that sticks up out of the ground, as it has for a year or more, and someone put a chip bag on the end so someone else doesn’t poke their eye out. One would think a bureaucracy concerned with public safety would be sending a fresh team out right now to fix this eyesore, but alas, the chip bag is safe in its afterlife as a public safety cone.

Note too, the poster on the fence. It had tear off slips at the bottom, presumably with some contact info so angry citizens could complain, but alas all the little slips were already claimed. The Councilor for the ward tells me she has gotten a “lot” of complaints about the gate; she advises people complain to Paul Dewar since he is the MP for the area and the gate belongs to the feds. Such solidarity amongst the knee dippers!

9 thoughts on “Madame Chairman relocks the gate

  1. Also a lovely opportunity to follow up with the NCC. My letter was met with the following reply last week and not a word since. At this rate they’ll have a foundation in place before I hear about it and we’ll have a subway before the paths along Albert St are even close to usable (2033?)

    “On behalf of Marie Lemay, Chief Executive Officer of the National Capital Commission, thank you for your e-mail. Rest assured that a response will be sent to you.”

  2. I wonder how much it cost Canadian tax paying citizens in overtime to have 2 ‘cops’ re-lock a gate on the Thanksgiving holiday.
    I bet it cost more than it would have to put in a permanent pedestrian and cycle gate next to the vehicle gate.

  3. Can we all get together and just pull the fucker down already? Complaining to our doofuses in charge isn’t going to accomplish squat. Especially with the NCC involved.

  4. Further east along Albert is another “not so safe” roadway that is not blocked by a fence. It’s a little steep going up to the transitway but not insurmountable. It is of course an illegal transitway crossing, and as I crossed on my bike I was scolded in passing by a bus driver.

    I was also out on Monday enjoying the day and was pleasantly surprised to see the gate open and frustrated to see it closed on the way back.

    We need to continue attacks on this foolishness. Cut a big hole in the fence where the pedestrian/cyclist opening should be.

  5. I’ve sent a letter to Paul. And I’ll keep sending emails to anyone and everyone. That route is essential to connect commuters without playing in bus and car traffic at Lebreton. What a terrible terrible alternative. Shameful.

  6. I’m glad this visionary, proactive body is in control of this city’s future. Lead on, NCC!

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