2 thoughts on “Lyon Cyclists

  1. It does look mighty good. My only problem is how the city handled it’s termination at Arlington. It makes sense to keep bikes off of Catherine, but the city deigned to point cyclists towards the Percy St Bike Path two blocks west, which takes cyclists through to the Glebe.

    It’s an all too common oversight that fails to integretate the cycling infrastructure that does exist. (When I mentioned my concerns about Catherine/adding sharrows to Arlington to connect with Percy during the consultation period, the city employee who responded said they didn’t want to limit parking space–the contradiction being there is no parking on the North side of Arlington, it’s limited to the South side of the street.)

  2. From Robin Bennett, city cycling coordinator:

    Thanks for the positive response about the Lyon Street bike lane.

    The plan is to include a bike route turns west sign at the termination of the lane but perhaps the signage along the route has not all yet been installed. We intend to add additional signage to link the route to Percy and will also add some sharrows to Arlington, westbound only (north side) where there is no parking allowed between Lyon and Percy.

    We reviewed adding a pavement marking with right turn arrow at the terminus of the bike lane but I received the following information from traffic operations staff:

    “The arrows would be of a size that the paint would occupy a significant portion of the cycling lane and therefore could create slippery conditions for the cyclists. Further, given the broken lane line and shared use with other traffic turning right on the approach to the Arlington Avenue intersection, the proposed arrows could cause confusion for all users, drawing southbound traffic to the west side earlier than desired, thereby resulting in potential conflicts between the cyclists and other traffic.”

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