Hintonburg peons pee on peas.


The Wellington Marbles sculptures along West Wellie are all based on fire hydrants. This particular sculpture is about peas in a pod growing out of a fire plug. Some canine Hintonburger used these peas to pee on, obviously unable to tell a marble fire plug from a steel one.

One thought on “Hintonburg peons pee on peas.

  1. I hate to further p*** on public art. I am a firm supporter of public art. And I just got back from a month in Italy gazing at that country’s incredible examples of same. But I have to say that the Wellington Street sculptures are not at all to my taste. I find the tie-ins to commercial businesses crass, and I find the quality of the work to be less than what I would expect. (I don’t expect Bernini or Michelangelo, but…) Disappointed. Very much so.

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