LRT Guideway arrives

OK, guideway is fancy RTG-talk for what the LRT  — soon to be known fondly as the O’Train — Confederation version — drives on.

You know, railway tracks.

They are rather appropriately being stored at Bayview Yards, the historic rail yards of Ottawa.

Here’s some pic:





4 thoughts on “LRT Guideway arrives

  1. Until these are laid on ties or on concrete slab, they are neither “guideway” nor “tracks”. They are “rails”. If they are going to be welded into long sections before taking them into the tunnel, it makes sense to start at Bayview. It would not be feasible at the other two tunnel excavation points.

    The St. Clair West Streetcar project in Toronto had to do rail welding in the middle of the street, which cause a lot of disruption.

    If they were using rail access to the site, (which is available at Bayview), they could have brought the rails in already welded in 1/4-mile lengths.

    David Jeanes

  2. I think 1/4 mile lengths would be difficult to manage at Bayview. It would be interesting to know what the rail laying plan is.

    Here’s a short video of a train transporting 1/4 mile lengths of rail. It takes around 20 cars for that length. towards the end of the 2min video you see the ends of the rails and how much wiggle there is to them. Incredible.

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