Know where you are

The Preston BIA has installed these cast metal signs on many of the decorative lampposts along Preston. Presumably they remind you that the Italian restaurants, card clubs, and delis are in Little Italy.

I expect they will appear around the corner on Somerset running west from Preston, which is also being done over in the Preston Street style; and up the hill on Gladstone to St Anthony Church and soon-to-be-redone Piazza Dante in front of it. 

I also think they would make a great top half of a wall plaque with street address numbers on them, and maybe the name of the business too. They also compliment the cast metal directional signs currently found only at the Queensway piazzetta. (Those signs are made, btw, by our former MPP Karl Feige at his shop in Merrickville).

The signs are not large, their discrete size makes them relate to the sidewalk user, to the strollers of the passeggiata.

 If you ever wondered why the ped-scale lights along Preston alternate from facing out (towards the street) and facing in, they are designed to light up the sidewalk as a long colonnaded walk between the trees. The sidewalk as linear piazza.