Inflate thyself


I note with dismay that [some?] gas stations now charge for air to refill your tires. Even worse, I will never return for gas to one  that had free air for car tires but charged for bike tires.

Regular readers here will recall seeing numerous examples of municipally supplied air pumps. While I appreciate the service, I do wonder if it is something we should be supplying from the general tax payer. In other countries, where initiative is more rewarded, I see ‘free air’ for cyclists offered as an inducement or invitation to patronize a business.

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In the Republic of Cambridge, outside a Whole Paycheque (or is it Paycheck?) I saw this simple pump on a block by the bike rack:





While some businesses and  BIA’s encourage cycling and shopping (kudos to West Wellington BIA), too many others give people who cycle the cold shoulder. Funny that, because we don’t take up a Precious Parking Space and do spend money. On the positive side, businesses that identify and encourage customers thrive, and the others atrophy and die.

2 thoughts on “Inflate thyself

  1. I think your dismay is overinflated.

    We have public bike pumps in Ottawa–not only that, but public bike repair stands too–provided by the City. Currently there’s one along Laurier at City Hall just past the pedestrian crossing to Confederation Park. Another will be installed near the path at Ottawa Tech along Slater, and there are plenty of others across the city either installed or planned. Ottawa also has a high density of bike shops, any one of which will gladly pump up your tires for free just as any optometrist will adjust your glasses for free.

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