Infill on Eccles

This infill is once again in the very modern boxy style common today. It is constructed from pre-made wafer panels that include the exterior sheathing, insulation, and interior sheathing . Is is on the north side of Eccles, between Booth and LeBreton. I am getting to like this style more and more. I much prefer it over the blah-design of so many infills made of plastic siding and low-slope asphalt shingle roofs. Design and quality matters.

Does anyone know why Eccles Street is so often pronounced Eck-Less? Ever since I moved here 30 some years ago, it has puzzled me if this is a mispronunciation by immigrant or less-educated populations or is there another explanation? In the same vein, Pamilla street is seldom pronounced Pam-il-la except by newcomers, the old hands call it Pa-mill-a.

Local character, maybe.

4 thoughts on “Infill on Eccles

  1. I live on Pamilla St. I find that most people say it like 'Pamela'. When I explain how it's spelled, I usually say 'it's like 'Camilla', but with a 'P''. When we bought our house, our real estate agent pronounced it, and that's how we've said it ever since. Not sure if it's actually the 'correct' pronunciation, but that's what we go with.

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