Infill on Eccles

This infill is once again in the very modern boxy style common today. It is constructed from pre-made wafer panels that include the exterior sheathing, insulation, and interior sheathing . Is is on the north side of Eccles, between Booth and LeBreton. I am getting to like this style more and more. I much prefer it over the blah-design of so many infills made of plastic siding and low-slope asphalt shingle roofs. Design and quality matters.

Does anyone know why Eccles Street is so often pronounced Eck-Less? Ever since I moved here 30 some years ago, it has puzzled me if this is a mispronunciation by immigrant or less-educated populations or is there another explanation? In the same vein, Pamilla street is seldom pronounced Pam-il-la except by newcomers, the old hands call it Pa-mill-a.

Local character, maybe.